1.6 Health Education & Community Pharmacy


Theory (50 hours)

1. Concept of health Definition of physical health, mental health, social health, spiritual health determinants of health, indicators of health, concept of disease, natural history of diseases, the disease agents, concept of prevention of diseases.

2. Nutrition and health Classification of foods requirements, disease induced due to deficiency of proteins, Vitamins and minerals-treatment and prevention.

3. Demography and family planning Demography cycle, fertility, family planning, contraceptive methods, behavioural methods, natural family planning method, chemical method, mechanical methods, hormonal contraceptives, population problem of India.

4. First aid Emergency treatment in shock, snake-bite, burns poisoning, heart disease, fractures and resuscitation methods. Elements of minor surgery and dressings.

5. Environment and health-Sources of water supply, water pollution, purification of water, health and air, noise light-solid waste disposal and control-medical entomology, arthropod borne diseases and their control, rodents, animals and diseases.

6. Fundamental principles of microbiology classification of microbes, isolation, staining techniques of organisms of common diseases.

7. Communicable diseases Causative agents, modes of transmission and prevention.

(a) Respiratory infections Chicken pox, measles. Influenza, diphtheria, whooping cough and tuberculosis.

(b) Intestinal infections: Poliomyelitis. Hepatitis.Cholera.Typhoid, Food poisoning, Hookworm infection.

(c) Arthropod borne infections-plague, Malaria, Filariasis.

(d) Surface infections-Rabies, Trachoma, Tetanus, Leprosy.

(e) Sexually transmitted diseases ---Syphilis. Gonorrhoea.AIDS.

8. Non-communicable diseases-Causative agents, prevention, care and control; Cancer, Diabetes, Blindness, Cardiovascular diseases.

9. Epidemiology Its scope, methods, uses, dynamics of disease transmission, immunity and immunization: Immunological products and their dose schedule. Principles of disease control and prevention, hospital acquired infection, prevention and control. Disinfection, types of disinfection, disinfection procedures, for faeces, urine, sputum, room linen, dead-bodies, instruments.